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General Dentistry

We take great pride in the quality of our dentistry and want to make your visit a pleasant experience. Preventative dentistry is at the core of everything we do because we believe in creating beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime. 

Routine dental care

Our examinations involve a full comprehensive assessment of your mouth. This means we look at the health of your teeth, gums, jaw and soft tissues. If necessary X-rays will be taken. All of this information helps us to provide you with the best care and treatment possible.

We offer two dental membership plans at Hermitage Dental Practice to help you to spread the cost of your necessary routine dental care across the year. This also ensures you never miss an essential visit. 

Dental hygiene

Regularly visiting the hygienist is essential to maintaining your oral health and keeping your smile as healthy as possible.

During your visit your hygienist uses fine instruments or a special ultrasonic machine to remove the hard tartar from below in between your teeth. The hygienist will remove plaque, stains and polish your teeth thoroughly. Our hygienist will also give you advice and tips for perfecting your oral health routine.

Image by Lesly Juarez
Dental Hygiene


Dental crowns can be used to replace the upper part of a tooth (the part that is visible above your gums) if the tooth is too damaged for a filling.

A crown replicates the visible part of a natural tooth which has been damaged, worn down or decayed over time. A crown is designed to replicate the natural appearance of the damaged tooth, and blend in with your natural smile.


Cavities may form in your teeth over time as a result of decay or dental disease, and these need to be repaired using a dental filling.

We commonly replace old metal fillings with resin-composite fillings that are colour-matched to blend in perfectly with your natural teeth.

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