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Can I come to the dentist if I have a cold?

It’s a common question: should you see your dentist if you have a cold? After all, no one wants to spread germs to others, and you don’t want to make your cold worse by leaving the house. So what should you do?

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that dental appointments are essential for maintaining good oral health. Skipping an appointment because you have a cold can lead to more serious problems down the line. That being said, if you’re feeling under the weather, there are some things you should keep in mind.

For starters, if you have a fever or other flu-like symptoms, it’s best to reschedule your appointment. Not only do you risk spreading germs to others in the office, but you also run the risk of making your cold worse by exposing yourself to other germs.

We ask that you give us at least 48 hours’ notice if you are unable to make it to your appointment – we are then able to offer your treatment time to someone else who needs it.

If you have a runny nose or congestion, it’s still okay to see your dentist. However, it’s important to take some precautions. Be sure to cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, and avoid touching your face as much as possible. You may also want to bring a pack of tissues with you to use during the appointment.

Your dentist may also take some additional precautions to protect themselves and other patients. For example, they may wear a different mask or ask you to rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash before the appointment. These measures are designed to minimise the risk of spreading germs.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your dental health can actually be affected by a cold. Many people experience dry mouth when they’re sick, which can increase the risk of tooth decay and other oral health problems. It’s important to drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated to prevent these issues.

In the end, the decision to see your dentist when you have a cold is a personal one. If you’re feeling up to it and don’t have a fever or other flu-like symptoms, it’s okay to keep your appointment. However, if you’re not feeling well, it’s best to reschedule to protect both yourself and others and give us at least 48 hours notice by calling us on

01530 510533.

In conclusion, seeing the dentist when you have a cold is a decision that should be made on a case-by-case basis. If you’re feeling well enough to attend your appointment, be sure to take precautions to minimise the risk of spreading germs. However, if you have a fever or other flu-like symptoms, it’s best to reschedule your appointment when you receive a reminder via whats-app.

Remember, dental health is essential, so don’t let a cold get in the way of taking care of your teeth and gums.

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