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What are the effects of skipping or prolonging dental appointments?

If there’s one thing all dentists can agree on, it’s the importance of not missing your dental appointments. In a world that wants everything instantly, your schedule is highly likely to change on a whim. With that being the case, you may not consider your next dental appointment as a high priority. In other instances, you may be one of many patients who experience dental phobia and may welcome the idea of not visiting the dentist.

Whatever the reason for missing or postponing your appointment, we’re here to let you know the potential impact of doing so. Your oral health, as well as your general health, are greatly impacted by regular dental health reviews and hygiene appointments. The more frequently you visit our experts, the less likely you are to require more serious treatments such as tooth restoration.

Healthy teeth & gums

Plaque is the reason why dentists, therapists and hygienists advise you to brush and floss. Plaque, which is transparent and sticky, is the main contributor to tooth decay. It’s a bacteria-filled acidic substance that accumulates on your teeth throughout the course of each day.

Brushing your teeth reduces the chance of getting cavities and helps remove plaque. Even routine brushing and flossing cannot completely remove all plaque. Any plaque that remains on your teeth can solidify and develop into tartar, a crusty, browned substance.

Tartar does not disappear after brushing and can only be removed by a specialist.

As tartar accumulates on your teeth and along the gum line, it pulls your gums away from your teeth and forms tiny crevices where bacteria can gather. This bacteria can go on to cause gum disease.

Infections in the soft tissues of your mouth are called periodontitis. If periodontitis is not treated, it can spread to the bones supporting your teeth, which means you risk losing more than just your teeth.

Fresh breath & healthy smile

While the majority of us love a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine everyone desires a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, your teeth may become stained by substances like coffee, tea, wine, or juice. Our dental experts can remove those stains and the microscopic debris that causes lingering foul breath if you continue to maintain your appointments.

Regular oral health reviews will also help secure your teeth’s brightness – so they feel polished and smooth.

Better overall health

When you consider skipping your dental appointment, your physical health is probably the last thing on your mind. However, the connection between your oral and general health cannot be denied. Your chance of contracting some diseases, such as heart disease, can be decreased by maintaining and improving your oral health.

The bacteria in your mouth can get into your circulation, increasing the risk of becoming sick, and harming your organs. Less frequent dental visits could put you at risk for severe health issues like:

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Pneumonia and other respiratory conditions

  • Pregnancy complications

  • Endocarditis (an infection of your heart)

Furthermore, if you have certain medical issues, they can make your dental health worse. Your dental health may be significantly impacted by conditions including diabetes, osteoporosis, HIV, and Alzheimer’s disease, for instance.

What is a dental plan? A dental plan like those offered at Hermitage Dental Practice makes it easy for patients to afford routine dental treatment to meet their ongoing dental needs at a discounted price. Our dental plans start at £21.75, the benefits are many and include:

  • Preventative oral health advice to halt dental problems in their tracks before they progress

  • Scheduled monthly payments that enable you to budget for any private dental care not included in your plan such as fillings, extractions, root treatments or crowns etc.

  • Regular appointments with one of our highly experienced private dentists who will work with you to treat your teeth

  • Complimentary hygiene appointments

  • 10% discount on most treatments

What’s included? Dental health review: Clinical examination to catch problems early – you can see how your teeth look by looking into a mirror, but a lot may be happening beneath the gums without you being aware of it. Dentists don’t just solve problems – they help prevent them too. When it comes to oral health, being proactive by paying regular visits to your dentist means they can catch any issues early and prevent them from developing into something more complex and expensive. Checking for signs of oral cancer: This is something a dentist will do at every oral health review. Not only does a dentist check for signs of oral cancer, but also neck and head cancer. Typically this means checking for lumps on the head or neck and red or white patches in the mouth. While typically there is nothing unusual to find, these checks could potentially save your life. X-rays: These are used at our dentist’s discretion to minimise the impact of radiation and help to evaluate your oral health, and identify problems like impacted teeth, decay and cavities. Hygienist appointment: This includes:

  • A scale and polish

  • Removal of hardened plaque and tartar

  • Advice on oral care at home

  • Fresher breath and a more confident brighter smile

How does a dental plan work at Hermitage Dental Practice?

It’s super-easy with no complicated paperwork to fill out. Instead, everything is handled online. Patients will be sent a link to sign up for their bespoke dental plan by email or you can complete the sign up process in reception on one of our tablets. In addition to maintenance plans, we also offer 0% finance for patients wanting or needing treatment but struggling to find upfront fees. We’d hate for anyone not to get the necessary dental treatment they either want or need. Putting off essential treatment will only worsen matters and lead to more complicated dental work and escalating costs. We provide flexible financing options across a comprehensive range of dental services and treatments. 0% finance is a better alternative than credit cards or high-interest loans, and spreading the cost of your treatment gives you greater flexibility in the ongoing care of your smile. Want to find out more about our dental plans? It’s never too late to get your oral health back on track. With a dental plan tailored to your needs and an affordable single monthly payment to cover routine care, that’s one thing less to worry about. Our dental care plans are only available for patients registered with Hermitage Dental Practice, so if you’re interested in receiving affordable exceptional patient-centred care, why not schedule a Dental Assessment. We’d love to welcome you aboard. At Hermitage Dental Practice, your health is our number one priority. We’d encourage all patients to continue adhering to their dental appointments. For anyone suffering with dental anxiety, we ensure strict measures are followed to make every patient feel as comfortable as possible.

If you feel as though you may require dental treatment or are concerned with your health care, please get in touch with us via phone on 01530 510533 to speak to one of our experienced treatment co-ordinators.

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