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Why do we ask you to complete a medical history form every 6 months?

When you attend your first appointment at Hermitage Dental Practice and at least every 6 months from then on, our receptionists will ask that you complete a medical history form online using our patient bridge software. This is sent to you three days before your appointment via email (please check your junk). If you are unable to complete this before you attend, please arrive at least 5 minutes early and one of our team will be happy to assist you. This is necessary to ensure our clinicians have the most up to date information regarding your health so that they can always provide safe and effective treatment. This may seem excessive, however a lot can change in 6 months and we are committed to keeping our patients safe whilst under our care. All of your information is completely confidential and is held under the Data Protection Act.


It is important that the dental team have an up to date list of any medication you are taking to ensure that any treatment they propose is safe. For example, if you take warfarin, that thins the blood and means that prior to extractions or invasive dental procedures you will need a blood test to check your INR level before treatment can be carried out. You may be taking medications that can mean you will need to be referred to a specialist oral surgeon for certain procedures. This ensures that there is adequate provision in place to manage your conditions that may not be available within general dental practice.

Certain medications can also also cause a notable reduction in the production of saliva which can lead to decay and 'dry mouth'.

Even if the medication does not relate to your mouth, please disclose all information in your medical history. Remember, your mouth is just one part of your entire body. Your oral health is connected to your overall health, and vice versa.

Antibiotic cover

Antibiotic cover is no longer considered necessary for patients with heart complaints or rheumatic fever. However, the dentist may well use a non-adrenaline anaesthetic if you suffer from these conditions. If you suffer from Angina, please always bring your GTN spray along to your appointment.


By listing any allergies, the dental team are able to ensure that they do not use materials or prescribe medication that may cause you to have an anaphylactic attack. This is especially important when considering latex allergies or antibiotics. Please always bring your autoinjector to your appointment if you do suffer from allergies.


If you suffer with diabetes you are at higher risk of developing gum disease, therefore its important that the dentist is aware. You may need to attend the practice for more routine appointments/hygiene visits to maintain your oral health . Diabetic patients may also take longer to heal following a procedure.


Epileptic patients find that they are more likely to suffer from seizures when they are stressed or anxious, so it is important to make the clinical team aware of your condition.


The dentist may aim to leave any invasive dental treatment until after the birth of your baby and will refrain from taking routine x-rays. During pregnancy some women find that their gums bleed and require closer attention. Our hygienists will be able to help with regular cleaning and advice on oral care routines.

We also ask about your alcohol and smoking intake as this can affect anaesthetic and healing following dental treatments. It also forms part of our oral cancer screening.

Please contact us today to arrange your dental health review on 01530 510533

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