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Our team is growing!

A note from the principal Dumitru Aunianu

I am very excited to formally introduce Dr Usman Muzaffar to you, who will be joining our practice in October 2023. We are thrilled to have found someone who shares the same philosophy, experience, and sense of personalised quality care we have built so diligently over the years, and which is and will be so important for our practice moving forward.

My own role in the practice has developed over time. As my experience has grown, along with the increase in demand for dental implants, I’ve needed to focus more of my time on providing dental implants and more complex cases.

As the demands on my time become greater, I have recognised that I need help in providing your routine dental treatments and I have spent the last few years carefully handpicking and building a team I can trust to take over this service. All our dentists each carry their own area of expertise to ensure we continue to provide you with the highest level of routine dental care possible.

I will continue to deliver routine dental appointments until Wednesday 4th October, any routine appointments after this date will be under Dr Muzaffar’s care.

Please understand that, as a patient of the practice, you will still have full access to me for any advanced work required.

I am still available at your request for consultations regarding dental implant treatments, and large or complicated courses of treatment or if you need a second opinion or advice.

If you have any queries regarding this change, please get in touch on 01530 510533.

Yours sincerely

Dr Dumitru Aunianu

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